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Our Facilities

At Turnkey Internet, we take green seriously. Located in the heart of New York's Tech Valley Region, our green datacenter is the choice of clients in over 100 countries who turn to TurnKey as both an economical and ecological answer to their IT needs.

Our environmentally-conscious approach assures low-impact, low-energy answers to everyday cloud-hosting needs by leveraging the most robust clean energy systems available today, while maintaining the highest level of datacenter reliability and performance.

TurnKey Internet was selected by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR® Partner, and as a Silver-Certified Business by the Green America Organization.


Green-Friendly Data Center Design

TurnKey owns and operates its own datacenter which employs a variety of technologies to insure a green-friendly approach to all of our web and cloud-hosting services. Owning our own building and infrastructure affords us greater capacity to pursue optimal, environmentally-friendly designs in every area of our business. From low-voltage, green-friendly servers utilizing advanced Intel-based processors, to advanced on-site solar arrays, TurnKey is doing its part to better the environment to the highest extent possible.

Cold Containment Systems

TurnKey's datacenter employs Cold Containment Pods for each section of its datacenter, providing the ultimate in precision spot-cooling and efficiency. In-rack temperature sensors regulate our Emerson precision spot-cooling systems throughout each pod. This technology drastically lowers the power consumption foot-print of our datacenter as compared to traditional datacenters, or running computer equipment in your own office. We utilize customized HVAC Economizers to leverage the cold temperatures of the Northeast into reliable HVAC energy during the winter months, further increasing our efficiencies.

Solar Power

Our advanced on-site roof-top solar array provides clean, pollution-free power. Every square inch of our roof is covered with solar panels, creating a massive clean energy-producing power plant. Our on-site solar power generation is one of the unique green aspects that makes TurnKey Internet stand out from all other datacenters. With clients from over 100 countries across the globe, TurnKey Internet utilizes the most advanced green technologies because we know it's not only the right thing to do, but our clients want it too!

Hydroelectric Power

Clean, renewable power is transmitted straight from New York's Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric system which is used to supplement our solar energy production. The energy from The Falls is some of the cleanest available, and TurnKey is tapping into this dependable technology to further realize reduced carbon footprint for ourselves and our customers. Our on-site solar power generation, hydro-electric power, and green-friendly server technologies combine to make TurnKey Internet stand out from all other datacenters across the globe as a leader in Green cloud-hosted services.

Low-Energy Servers

TurnKey offers servers utilizing the Intel Atom processor, which has shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 70% over traditional CPU's. Intel is the market leader in designing eco-friendly, efficient microprocessors.

Scalable, Elastic, Adaptive Architectures

Advanced system software can scale to reduce resource consumption on an as-needed basis, with cutting-edge virtualization technologies working in concert with the most advanced hardware architectures available.

Targeted Solutions for Green Minded Organizations

By owning our own datacenter, TurnKey can craft targeted, on-point environmental solutions for any organization, large or small. Specific systems designed to meet any budget can be built and scaled to exactly meet any client's energy demands.

Efficient Power Regulation & Solar Technology

Energy-efficient power monitoring and distribution systems employ a power-as-needed, computer-controlled architecture utilizing an advanced fleet of solar panels located on our building. Cold Containment maximizes the efficiency of cooling throughout our data center.